General Terms and Conditions for Renting and Electrical Vehicle



                                                      GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the parameters for renting of electric motor vehicles - cars, light commercial vehicles, electric scooters, bicycles, etc. ("EMVS") by legal entities and / or individuals from "eMobility International" AD (in its capacity of Lessor).

I. Requirements to the Lessee and necessary documents for renting the EMV
A. The EMV's driver must be at least 25 years old and hold a valid driver's license, registration certificate and ID card (passport). If the driver is not 25 years old, a guarantee deposit is payable under these Terms and Conditions;
B. Upon signing a rental contract the Lessee - a legal person, shall provide a certificate of current status in Bulgarian language if it is not entered in the Commercial Register with the Registry Agency;
C. Before passing  the EMV from the Lessor to the Lessee, the Lessee shall provide copies of:
- for physical persons:
• a valid driver's license;
• registration certificate and identity card (passport);
- for legal entities:
• Certificate of Current Status according

  • a valid driver's license;
    • registration certificate and identity card (passport);
  1. Prices / promotions / booking / payment
    A. Rental prices of EMV are determined in a rental agreement or, in the absence thereof, in the offer sent by the Lessor and accepted by the Lessee;
    B. The rental price for the EMV (plus any additional charges for insurance, equipment, delivery) and all taxes are payable prior to renting the car, unless otherwise agreed in the rental agreement / accepted offer from the Lessee;
    C. Cash, bank transfer and VISA, Euro Card / Master Card credit cards will be valid in favor of Lessor or an agent (intermediary) specified by him / her;
    III. Guarantee deposit
    A. In order to perform the obligations under the contract, the Lessee provides a guarantee deposit when renting the EMV at a rate determined by the Lessor. The Lessor has the right to claim damages established after expiration of the lease term and refund of the deposit. The deposit is reimbursed within seven days after termination / cancellation of the lease and is non-redeemable;
    B. The Lessee authorizes the Lessor to draw from the deposit provided any sums, fees and expenses related to the lease and, in case of utilization, undertakes to refund the deposit to the amount initially agreed upon upon receipt of a written request from the Lessor.
  2. Cancellation of acceptance / surrender under a rental contract / accepted offer
    If the Lessee does not appear to receive the EMV in a date and time previously agreed with the Lessor, and for no reasonable reason, the rental relationship will be automatically terminated and the Renter will be liable to pay a penalty of the following amount:
    - 50 (fifty) levs - for rental contracts agreed for a period of up to 1 (one month);
    - 150 (one hundred and fifty) levs - for rental contracts, agreed for a period of 1 (one month) to 6 (six) months;
    - 250 (two hundred and fifty) levs - for rental contracts, agreed for a period exceeding 6 (six months).
  3. Supplies for refueling
    During the Lease Period, the Lessee charges the EMV at its own expense, unless otherwise agreed.

    VI. Responsibilities and Obligations of the Lessee
    A. The lessee is obliged to treat the rented EMPC with due care and to return the same to the Lessor in the condition in which it is hired after taking into account its normal wastage;
    B. The Lessee undertakes to manage the EMV in accordance with all the instructions and instructions of the Lessor, the requirements of the Road Traffic Act and the applicable legislation;
    C. The Lessee is responsible for all violations and is liable to pay all fines imposed during the use of the EMV and all possible sanctions, damages and / or expenses incurred or incurred as a result of violations by him or by persons authorized by him in The rental period;
    D. The Lessee is not entitled to use / admit the use of the EMV:
    - under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
    - for racing, sporting events and off-road driving;
    - for the transfer of third parties without the consent of the Lessor;
    - for transporting dangerous goods and towing other vehicles;
    - for unlawful actions / omissions;
    - for crossing the border, except with the express written consent of the Lessor;
    E. To use the EMV for its intended purpose and according to its technical characteristics, by monitoring the weight of the goods transported in accordance with the load capacity of the EMV;
    F. To immediately notify the Lessor of any damage to and damage to the EMV;
    G. Not to perform repair activities of the EMV without the prior written consent of the Lessor;
    H. Not to smoke or transport pets and other animals to the EMV, in case of breach of this provision, the Lessee is obliged to pay within three days and upon receipt of a written request for this all costs of cleaning all traces of smoking or Transport of animals.
    I.  To pay the rental price and all consumables due for the electricity consumed in connection with the use of the EMV.

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VII. Insurance / Liability of the Lessee
A. The provided EMVs include standard Third Party Liability and Casco insurance;
B. The Lessor is not liable for lack and theft of personal belongings by EMV;
C. Vehicle insurance becomes invalid and does not cover:
- damages not recorded in a Traffic Police report;
- damage caused by transport of dangerous goods;
- off-road damage and other motor vehicle / EMV withdrawal;
- changed, broken or cut tires;
- damage caused by unauthorized and unauthorized drivers;
- damage resulting from the use of alcohol or other intoxicants;
- damages caused by unauthorized repairs not approved by the Lessor;
- damages caused after leaving the country without the permission of the Lessor;
- damages caused by non-observance of the Lessor's requirements and instructions;
D. In the event of damage to the EMV caused by fault of the Lessee, the Lessee undertakes to pay to the Lessor, within three days after receipt of a written request, all costs necessary to remedy the damages incurred by the Lessee, unless they have been reimbursed by an insurer.
The Lesseet is liable for t theft of the EMV, during the contract  term , under the obligation to recover the damages in full.

VIII. Accident / Theft / Notification of Damage.
A). In case of accident or damage to the EMV, the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor and the Traffic Police to write a report, regardless of which fault the accident occurred. The Lessee shall provide all known facts, circumstances, witnesses and data for the preparation of the Accident Act and shall provide the Lessor and the Assurance Company with full assistance in relation to the accident and the damage. In case the Traffic Police refuses to send a representative for the preparation of a protocol, the Lessee undertakes to draw up a manual himself;
(B). In the event of an accident, damage or failure, take all necessary measures to rescue and reduce the damage to the EMV.

  1. Sanction payments. Extra taxes
    A. In case of loss of keys by the Lessee, the latter owes a penalty of 250 (two hundred and fifty) leva;
    B. In case of loss of documents by the Lessee, the latter owes a penalty of 100 (one hundred) levs;
    C. Upon return of the EMV after the lease term, the Lessee owes a penalty amounting to twice the amount of the agreed rent for each day of delay;
    D). For guides under 25 (twenty-five) years old, an additional deposit of 500 (five hundred) leva is charged.
  2. EMV renting
    A. The EMV is transferred to the Lessee in an orderly technical condition. Claims on behalf of the Lessee are made to the Lessor only upon acceptance of the EMV;
    B. The Lessee undertakes to return the EMV with all documents submitted to him at the time and place agreed with the Lessor, and in the same technical condition after taking into account the normal wear and tear. The Lessor reserves the right to return the EMV at any time if the EMV is not used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and / or the Contract Terms;
    C. The lease term may be extended only upon the express prior written consent of the Lessor and at the request of the Lessee.
  3. Limited liability
    A. Subject to the limitations set forth herein, the Lessor will only be liable to the Lessee for direct damages resulting from his fault or omission, and the total liability may not exceed 35% (twenty percent) of a monthly rent due ;
    B. Neither the Lessor nor any of its officers, directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates, Distributors, and Partners shall be liable for any loss of profits or indirect losses incurred by the Lessee arising out of or in connection with Use of EMV.

XII.Additional clauses
A. The Lessee agrees to the signing of these General Terms and Conditions that his personal data can be processed for the purpose of administering the lease and ensuring the smooth use of the EMV in accordance with provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act;
B. For unsettled issues the provisions of the concluded lease / the accepted offer, these General Terms and Art. 228-239 of the Obligations and Contracts Act;
C. The disputes concerning the rental relationship are settled by the generically competent court on the territory of the city of Sofia;
D. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, is not enforceable or becomes optional, all other terms remain in effect.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to unilateral updates by the Lessor, which will be announced on its official website: and will enter into force within three days of its publication.




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