An electric vehicle during the winter


Winter is already here with low temperatures, snowfall and ice early in the morning. Here are some useful tips for driving an electric car during the winter time. The aim is to keep the battery range at maximum in a situation where the heating is a serious extra energy consumer from the battery.

• Warm up your car while it is still charging. This is called pre-conditioning and will allow the car to warm up without taking energy from the battery.

• Whenever possible, keep the electric vehicle on for charging even when the battery is fully charged - do not switch off.

• If possible, keep the car in a garage, under a shed or if possible on direct sun.

• If you have an option, use the seat heating function, this function requires less energy than the entire cabin warming.

• Choose the eco driving mode. This way, the car will use less energy.

• Avoid sudden braking. If you stop gradually (e.g. using regenerative braking), the car will recover more energy.

• Check the tire pressure more often and follow the recommended levels. At low temperatures, the pressure drops faster, resulting in more friction and more energy.

• Use whenever you can charge the car at a charging station or anywhere in the net.

• Drive on the highway with 15 km. - 25 km. less than the permitted speed. This will increase the mileage by 8 km. - 15 km.

and of course.. drive safe

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