CCL-PT3-URBAN 2 x 22 kW charging station

  • CCL-PT3-URBAN 2 x 22 kW charging station
Price: 4,080 €

Product description

Charging stations from the Wallbox Smart series are an excelent desicion for all type of public locations and offices. The station has embeded RFID system for authentication as also option for monitoring and operation software, allowing data management in real time. It is compatiable with all models of EVs and plug-in hybrids. 


Installation: on the Wall

Max power: 2 x 22 kW*

Nominal voltage: 400 V

Max current: 32 А

Number of Plugs: 2

Protection class:  IP 54

Plug type:  (Type 2 / Type 2)

Dimenssions: 940 mm / 450 mm / 195 mm

Weight: 65 kg

* 22 kW is the maximum powe which the station could provide. The actual power used for charging the vehicle depends on the specific EV model  

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