Eldrive is developing an accessible and open charging infrastructure in all major cities and roads in the country. The charging of electric vehicles in the Eldrive network is possible by mobile phone or personal RFID card. This can be done in the following ways:

Step 1: Registration

In order to use the services, you must register as an user in the platform via the Eldrive website. This can be done in the following ways:

Стъпка 1: Регистрация
Option 1: Desktop version

  Select the button in the top right corner of the charging stations map from the title page or from the Stations Map tab in the menu and follow the instructions.

Option 1: Desktop version
Desktop Version: Option 2:

Select the "User Portal" menu where you can create an account and also manage it in future.

Desktop Version: Option 2:
Mobile version

For mobile devices, use the mobile version of, where you can register from the top right button or select a charging point and fill in the required data.

Important! The menu language may differ depending on your browser setup.

Мобилна версия
Step 2: Charging - choose a location

  • To charge your vehicle, select the appropriate location on the map, then click Charge here.
  • On the screen you will see all the stations that have been installed in the respective location together with the station type information.
  •      Select the number of the station which you are standing by ( printed on a sticker - eg BG4) and press Charge
Step 2: Charging - choose a location
Step 2: Charging - Start the process

Select the virtual RFID number from the database which you received during the registration process and start charging

You can require a RFID card (physical carrier) that you can connect to your account so you could charge directly without using the mobile application. Having an RFID card will allow you to charge when you have no access to mobile services.

For more information, contact the Eldrive team.

At the beginning of each session the payment system verifies that your bank card is valid and my block an amount of up to 5 BGN, for e period defined by the respective policy of the issuing bank, which is not actually paid.


Step 2: Charging - Start the process
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