In order to use use Eldrive's charging network, you have to download our app called Eldrive for iOS and Android. The interactive map will allow you to choose the closest station and start a charging session. You can order an additional RFID card to use for charging without the app.

Note: the app language can be different dependening on your phone settings




Download our app and fill out the registration form.

Confirmation and Payment method

A confirmation code is going to be send to your email which you have to type in the app. After you complete the registration your have to choose "Profile" from the dropdown menu and select "Payment options", where you can add your debit or credit card. Then, in menu "Charging keys", you have to select your virtual key and from a drop-down menu you have to choose  the credit card and click "Save" in order to associate the virtual key with the payment method.

Confirmation and Payment method
How to order an extra RFID card ?

To identify every customer we use a virtual key, which is linked to your profile. You can order an additional physical RFID card from the app however and charge with it instead.

Desktop Version: Option 2:
Choosing a location and charging

From the dropdown menu select "Map" and choose the station and plug you would like to use.

Mobile version
Begin charging

Press "Start" and the charging session will begin. 

Step 2: Charging - choose a location
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