Hyindai IONIQ

Hyindai IONIQ packages from 490EUR per month (for Bulgaria ) w/o VAT

Package 1 (P.1) – Limited Package

Electric vehicle

Charging cable  EVSE cable – 3 pin, 10 Amp (for SHUKO)

Charging cable Mode 3 Type 2, 32A, 7-Pin cable (for charging station)

Insurance „Civil Liability“ and Kasko

Free parking at "blue" and "green" zone in Sofia

Prices from 490 EUR w/o VAT for 5 years operaitonal lease (Bulgaria)


Package 2 (P.2) – Full Package (additionally the following features)

Supplies, change of tyres

Free charging at the public network of Eldrive

Replacement vehicle if needed

Prices from  613 EUR w/o VAT for for 5 years operational lease (Bulgaria) 












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