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Free parking in blue and green zone in Sofia, effective management

The cost of operating electric vehicles is significantly lower than the cost of an internal combustion engine. Electric cars have a much simpler device and fewer maintenance items. They do not need periodic change of straps and filters. Due to the regenerative braking, the brake pads and discs wear much slower. The same applies to electric car tires. The absence of ICE in turn leads to the impossibility of fuel misuse or unregulated mileage.

Additionally, many city-wide restrictions on cars in central city areas to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions require an alternative to hitherto highly polluting practices. Changing fuel costs are replaced by much lower electricity costs. 100 km of electric energy can cost between 1.80 and 3.70 BGN in the normal placement load according to the applicable electricity price. Even when using service charge by a service operator, the total cost of energy is lower than the fuel cost for the same mileage. To promote the use of electric cars, Sofia and other cities offer free parking in blue and green areas, which results in daily savings from parking fees.

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